"More work means more fun!"
First Appearance Pilot (cameo)
Friends Jack, Thumper, Preston, Isobella
Voiced By Rhyndale Railway (Overloaded)

Alfie is Jack's best friend and a member of The Pack.


Alfie is a member of the Pack and is usually seen digging up the ground or loading vehicles with stone. Alfie is always working very hard, and is a great friend in a jam. Alfie does his best to make the job more fun. He is a great excavator.


Alfie, is kind, helpful, and fun. he always says that "More help means more dirt, more dirt means more fun." He is very friendly, and always likes to meet others. However, Alfie is small, and sometimes is teased about his size. He has learned to not let this get to him, and always takes it in stride. He is very useful and a hard worker.


  • Alfie is fitted with a driller arm from Double Rescue on.