Arthur is a red tank engine known for his spotless record. He is the Rhyndale Railway's no. 5.


Arthur took much pride in his spotless record, which he soon lost after colliding with Duck's trucks in an incident provoked by Thomas. However, this spotless record was soon amended, after Thomas apologized to him for causing the incident.

He was bought to shunt and pull goods, but then was transferred to the coastal run, on which he enjoys working. He is responsible for this line, which is famous for its fish. Arthur is the only known engine (with the exception of Salty) to enjoy the smell of fish.

Finally, he was transfered to the Rhyndale Railway in 1968.


Arthur is a big tank engine who has never been naughty in his existence. He was highly esteemed for his "spotless record" before he arrived on Sodor, never having made a mess or a fuss and never having caused an incident. His main duties were to shunt trucks and haul goods trains. However, after a jealous Thomas tricked Arthur into setting his standards too high with the trucks, his record did not stay as clean as he had hoped. Arthur is very obedient, cautious, and well-behaved. He aims to please in his work and do everything as best he can. He now mainly runs the Fishing Route by the coastal village, a duty which Thomas was only all too grateful to be relieved from. Here, Arthur enjoys the sea air and the smell of the fish. After the Fishing Route ran out of business in 1968, he was transferred to Rhyndale.




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