Billy, Arthur, and the Important Train
Season 2, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 2015 (anticipated)
Written by Rhyndale Railway
Co-written by: TheBlueSunil,
Directed by Rhyndale Railway
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Billy, Arthur, and the Important Train is the sixth episode of the second season.


Spamcan arrives from the mainland to help the Rhyndale team out. But all is not well, as he starts to tease them and say the mainland engines are better and more useful. This infuriates the Rhyndale team, and they try to think of a way to get him back. Fortunately, their chance comes sooner than expected. As Spamcan breaks down when going to pull an important train to the mainland. So as he sulks, Arthur and Billy take the train in record time, and even get praise from Gordon. Meanwhile, the mainland controller brings Spamcan home in disgrace.



  • This episode was adapted from a story written by GordonHenryandJamesfan1992.
  • This story resembles the episode Bowled Out in the TV Series.