Derek's Second Chance
Air Date (cancelled)
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Derek's Second Chance was the original fifth episode of the first season.


It is the day before the railroad's grand opening, and Derek is worried that he will keep overheating, and not be useful. The manager knows that Derek's mind is in the right place, and she gives Derek a second chance. His job is to take the controller and the manager in a luxurious coach from Wyneb to Maron on a test run of the line. Derek starts off on the right wheel, making a smooth run until he reaches a hill. He pauses to cool his wheels. He climbs up the first half of the hill, feels some struggle, but keeps going. He feels that his cooling system is about to fail when he sees that he's at the top of the hill! He glides down with gravity and makes it to Maron in applause.




  • This episode marks Derek's first main role in the series.
  • The episode was cancelled because of no real relevance to the series arc.