First Appearance Flora (episode)
Friends Molly, Hank
Voiced By Brynn DeVann

Flora is a private owner steam tram.


When Flora first arrived on Sodor, Thomas was asked to show her around. Flora was confused by the strange behavior. Thomas was worried that Toby would be upset that he was not the only steam tram on Sodor any more, so Thomas tried to detour Flora until Toby left for Great Waterton. Flora ran out of coal near Toby's shed and Toby saw the bright yellow tram for the first time. To Thomas' surprise, Toby was delighted to see her. Thomas gave Flora his coal and she and Toby went to Great Waterton in time for the parade.

In 1964, Flora then helped out with the railway's passenger load the day after its opening.


Flora is a docile steam tram working on the for Sodor Tramways, an independent railway company. She has a tram car which is her pride and joy, that she uses to perform passenger duties. Although she is, at times, quiet or even timid, she often greets other engines with a sunny smile. She is always cheerful to work, but she can be concerned about speaking up right away if there is a problem. She is happy to work on Sodor and is warmly fond of Toby, Sodor's other steam tram. They even led the first annual Great Waterton parade together, not long after meeting each other.


Flora is a Mosley Road steam tram built to fit British standard gauge. She has three couplings instead of buffers.

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