Flying Scotman
First Appearance TBA
Friends Flying Thistle, Connor, Caitlin
Voiced By Open for audition.

The Flying Scotsman is one of Gordon's brothers.


The Flying Scotsman was built at Doncaster works in 1923. Flying Scotsman was something of a flagship locomotive for the LNER. He represented the company at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924 and 1925. At this time he acquired his name and the new number of 4472. From then on he was commonly used for promotional purposes. Flying Scotsman came to Sodor to cheer his only surviving brother, Gordon, up. He had two tenders at the time he arrived, causing Henry to feel jealous. During his visit, he got on well with most of the Fat Controller's Engines and took charge of "the Limited" in place of Bear when Henry rescued both him and Spamcan as both diesels failed.


Flying Scotsman is a rock star among railway citizens. Sleek, fast, famous, and strong, he is still able to uphold a fair bit of kindness and charisma that is not deluded by his grandeur. He is very close to his brother Gordon and does his best to see to it that every engine is included. He is very wise, and is truly a good friend.


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