"..I'm a really red fire engine.."
First Appearance Unknown
Friends Belle, Harvey, Butch
Voiced By Unknown

Flynn is a bright, red fire engine who is a part of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team.


Flynn worked with Belle on the mainland before they came to Sodor. Belle suggested to the Fat Controller that Flynn be brought to Sodor to help her fight fires. They work well together, and he has had many adventures, including helping in the restoration of the Dieselworks. He has also fought a fire at Brendam Docks.


Flynn is a "really red fire engine" who fights fires on Sodor and is part of the Sodor Search and Rescue team. He has both tires and flanged wheels, meaning that he is capable of running on roads and on rails. Flynn is fast, fearless, and ready to fight any fire. He is popular with the engines and held in high regard all over Sodor. Flynn always has it in him to prove that he is always ready to rescue, and is a really useful hero.


Search and Rescue Center Co.
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