• First Appearance: Chills and Spills
  • Friends: Henry, James
  • Voice Actor: Oliver Duck
  • Class: "A0" Pacific
  • Designer: Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Builder: Doncaster Works, rebuilt Crewe Works
  • Configuration: 4-6-2
  • Built: 1922, rebuilt 1939

Gordon is the biggest and fastest engine of the North Western Railway.


Gordon is Flying Thistle and Flying Scotsman's brother and Spencer's cousin. Gordon was always used to pull the express and important trains. He is very powerful, and is not keen on the idea of shunting.


Gordon's important position as the engine who usually pulls the Express has made him proud, pompous and arrogant, with good reason too; he is the strongest engine on Sodor. Gordon's philosophy "tender engines don't shunt" meant that he looked down on tank engines and tender engines who do shunt, but after being locked in the shed with Henry and James after going on strike, he seems to have abandoned this philosophy. Sometimes Gordon shows a kinder side and gives the younger engines advice, usually after he has had some mishap as a result of his foolhardiness.


He may appear in New Year's and Home for the Holidays

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