"I am a crane engine"
First Appearance TBA
Friends Belle, Stafford, Porter, Thomas, Salty
Voiced By Open for audition.

Harvey is a crane engine who works for the North Western Railway.


Harvey came to the railway to act as a rescue engine and help engines and cars back onto the line after spills or accidents. He was not happy at first, as the others made fun of his look. But after helping Percy with some trucks, he was welcomed by the others. Harvey is still sometimes shy of his crane, but always learns to be proud of it.


Harvey is a kind, strong crane engine on the North Western Railway. He always is happy to help the engines after they have accidents. He has a big heart and a booming voice, but is also very nice. Harvey always likes to take Rocky or the Brakedown train to the site of a mess. He is always ready to be really useful.

Search and Rescue Center Co.
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