First Appearance TBA
Friends Thomas, Connor, Caitlin
Voiced By TBA

Hiro is a wise engine owned by the British Preservation Society.


Hiro claims to be the first engine on the island of Sodor, so he was called, "Master of the Railway." He was built in Japan for british use in 1936 and arrived after a treacherous boat journey in 1937. He worked on the Balahoo line, which he was the only engine to run on it at the time. In 1943, he started to break down and his owners did not have enough money to repair him, so they left him on a siding on the Balahoo line. He stayed there for many years until he was found by Thomas. He then came to the British Railways and was bought by the British Preservation Society.


Hiro is a kind, gentle, and strong old engine. He was the first engine on Sodor. He was very unhappy sitting on his siding for years, but got his joy back when Thomas found him and had him fixed. Hiro is now working for the BR and is very useful. He is very wise, and nice. He will always stop to help out a friend. Hiro is very smart as well. He is grand, masterful, and mature. He has an appreciation for serenity and order and often thinks fondly of his homeland, far away, where he was once one of the strongest engines.


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