First Appearance Double Rescue
Friends Burnett Stone, Neil
Voiced By Unknown

Fiona, better known by her nickname Lady, is a purple tank engine who works on the Great Waterton Line.


Lady was designed and built by Burnett Stone in 1927.

Dex (Diesel 10), and his owner, P.T. Boomer tried to destroy Lady because P.T. Boomer wanted to find the key to Burnett's success in locomotive design. Dex and Boomer were defeated when they fell off the Big Dipper and onto a barge.

Lady currently rides around the North Western and Rhyndale Railway with her owner, Burnett Stone.

In 1962, Burnett purchased Neil because the Rhyndale couldn't afford to buy him.


Lady is a very kind and caring engine. If you need to talk about something, Lady will be there to listen and help you out. Never will you see her get mad, unless you really cross her line. Like Rosie, Lady is a friend to all.


Burnett Stone & Co.