• First Appearance: Grand Opening
  • Friends: Toby, Fergus, Dennis
  • Voice Actor: Rhyndale Railway (Pilot) DuckFan13 (unconfirmed)
  • Class: BR Class 04
  • Designer: Drewry Car Co.
  • Builder: Drewry Car Co.
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Built: 1962

Mavis is a BR Class 04 owned by Anopha Quarry.


Mavis was particularly fond of putting the trucks at Anopha Quarry in different places, despite Toby's protests. Toby finally lost patience and left Mavis to her own devices. Mavis, urged by Daisy, started to ignore Toby's advice and ended up looking silly when she got stuck outside Ffarquhar.


Mavis is a feisty, young diesel engine who works at the quarry. She is very keen on doing things her way, which she thinks is best. However, this can land her in trouble. She is learning, and will eventually know all the things she needs to. Mavis is also kind and caring, and loves to talk with Toby about her days work.