Murdoch is a large orange tender engine known for his immence stregnth.


Murdoch was brought to relieve engines of heavy workloads. He is big and strong, so the other engines were eager to learn more about him. Murdoch, however, hated the noise of their chatter and got cross at Salty and Harvey when they inquired about his past exploits. The next day, Murdoch finally had a chance to pull a train in the quiet countryside, but his journey was interrupted by a flock of stray sheep. Murdoch had to wait with the noisy sheep until Toby could bring a farmer to lead them away. That night, Murdoch found Salty's and Harvey's company a delight.

Murdoch was happy yet shy about being decorated for the May Day festivities.

On one windy autumn day, a large red carpet landed on the back of Murdoch's goods train, unbeknownst to Murdoch. Percy briefly chased after it, until the heavy winds blew it away again.

In 1967, when Whiff first arrived on Sodor, Murdoch, alongside Molly and Neville, laughed at Emily because she was showing Whiff around Sodor.

Molly and Neville were transfered to Rhyndale only two days betweeen each other. Murdoch remained on the North Western for another year.

In 1968, Murdoch gave directions to a pompous Emily when she was lost.

In Opposition, Murdoch faced Hank in a test of stregnth.


Murdoch is a mighty, powerful engine. He is one of the largest engines working on Sodor and is Hank's humble rival. Murdoch is as shy as he is strong, as he is actually a gentle giant. He is found seeking peace and quiet, away from the bustle of the yards and the Docks. He enjoys long hauls through the countryside and, although he can get short of patience and a little annoyed if he does not get some alone time, he can be quite a reserved engine. Although he can be an independent worker, Murdoch is often content to join in, help, and offer advice where he deems it worthy, but, despite being hard to miss due his defining strength and size, he won't jump to put himself at the center of attention.


Murdoch based on BR standard class 9F goods engine. The class was the last make of steam engines to be built for British Railways, with the last one constructed in 1960.



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