First Appearance Backstories and Buffers (not named, does not speak)
Friends Benson, Cromford, Diesel, Old Stuck-Up
Voiced By N/A

Spamcan is a mean, grumpy blue diesel who works on the BR.


Spamcan is a grumpy diesel who works on the BR. He once came to the island to help out, but broke down and was sent away for causing trouble. He still continues to work on the BR, and is very happy doing so. Spamcan is now head of the goods trains on the British Railways.


Spamcan, is grumpy, rude, and hard to work with. He thinks all steam engines should be scrapped, as they are only good for their parts. He is usually very rude to any steamie he sees. Spamcan would boast about how steamies were better, until one day he broke down, and had to be rescued by Henry. He now is quite contempt on the BR. But he still thinks diesel is better than steam.

British Railways
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