First Appearance Rocket
Friends Stephenson's Rocket, Billy, Dennis, Derek, Samson
Voiced By Open for audition.
 Stephen is a replica of Stephenson's Rocket .


Stephen's construction began in 1964, by a group of enthusiasts, among those being Michael Steinberg and Marge Bergwall. Stephen's construction was completed in December of 1968, where he met the original Rocket. Stephen is one of the earliest engines ever built. Newer engines may be faster and stronger than Stephen, but what he lacks in terms of strength or speed, he makes up for with his positive spirit, sense of humour, and knowledge. He used to work at the docks and in mines, but now works as a tour-guide at Ulfstead Castle.


Stephen is very kind and wise. He enjoys helping others. Stephen is a jolly old engine with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. He is a good-hearted and quick-witted engine, and will not take any nonsense from engines like Spencer or Diesel. Some of the smaller engines look up to him for advice, and he is always willing to get the job done.